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Duty to Cooperate

Managers, supervisors, faculty and other agents of the University have a duty to refer accommodation requests from students, employees, applicants, patients, visitors, third parties and community members to the appropriate Accommodations Administrator for the initiation of the interactive process. For any questions regarding where or how to refer a reasonable accommodation request, contact the Accommodations Manager, Katherine Vosker at (617) 627-0657 or the Accommodations Specialist, Amin Fahimi Moghadam at 617-627-6363 or the University's ADA/504 Officer, Jill Zellmer at 617-627-3298. Any agent of the University who fails to refer an accommodation request may be subject to disciplinary action.

Freedom of Retaliation

Any university community member who believes they are a person with a disability has the right to request a reasonable accommodation(s) without fear of retaliation. It is a violation of university policy to retaliate against an individual for requesting an accommodation. Any person who retaliates against an individual who self-identifies as a person with a disability at Tufts University is subject to disciplinary action.


In accordance with the ADA and HIPAA laws, Tufts will protect and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any medical information of its applicants, employees, students, patients, third parties and community members obtained in connection with the reasonable accommodation process. All medical information will be kept as confidential as possible, maintained securely and separate from personnel files in OEO.