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OEO Liaisons

OEO Liaisons are university employees who are specially trained to receive reports of sexual misconduct, discrimination and/or harassment at Tufts from students and employees. Liaisons do not investigate reports. They do direct the information they receive to the University’s Title IX Coordinator at OEO.

Roles and Responsibilities of OEO Liaisons

Liaisons can:

  • Serve as the supportive eyes and ears on the ground in each school.
  • Provide information about OEO to those who request it.
  • Connect students and employees with OEO staff to receive resources and support - for sexual misconduct reporting, discrimination and/or harassment reporting and accommodation requests.
  • Support parties during OEO involvement.

Title IX Adjudicators

Title IX Adjudicators are trained staff and faculty members from around Tufts that can be chosen to sit on an OEO Sexual Misconduct Adjudication Process (SMAP) panel.

Roles and Responsibilities of Title IX Adjudicators

Titel IX Adjudicators can:

  • Adjudicate student sexual misconduct matters as part of a three-member panel.
  • Review OEO investigative reports against the Tufts Sexual Misconduct Policy and determine findings and any corresponding sanctions.