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Tufts University prohibits discrimination based on race; color; national or ethnic origin; age; religion; disability; sex; sexual orientation; gender; gender identity and expression; including a transgender identity, veteran status, genetics, retaliation; or any other characteristic protected under applicable state and federal law.

Reporting Options

If you or someone you know feel you have been a victim of harassment, bias or discrimination at Tufts, you are encouraged to report the incident to one or more of the following:

For Students, Faculty, Staff and Community Members

Contact The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) for Tufts University

The Office of Equal Opportunity

There is no statute of limitations to file a complaint in OEO. However, please understand that our response to a complaint may be more limited in scope as a result of the length of time between the alleged incident and the report of the incident.

File a Confidential or Anonymous Complaint via Ethicspoint

Ethicspoint, a third-party secure web tool, is also a reporting option. Any member of the Tufts community can file a report or complaint of discrimination, harassment or bias on Ethicspoint. These reports go directly to OEO. Ethicspoint offers an anonymous reporting option providing individuals the option to report anonymously if they choose. For anyone submitting an Ethicspoint complaint, please keep the key code the system assigns to you after you submit a report so that you can check back on the progress of the report.

You can submit a confidential/anonymous report by either filling out the online Ethicspoint Incident Report form or calling EthicsPoint toll-free at 1-866-384-4277.

Contact a Trusted Faculty, Staff, Administration Member or Title IX Liaison

For discrimination, bias and harassment allegations related to race, color, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sex/gender, sexual orientation, a transgender identity, retaliation or any other protected category or concern you may have, please reach out to a trusted member of the Tufts Community. There are a number of trained staff and faculty members in each of the schools around Tufts that can help you find the support and resources you need.

Additional Reporting Options for Students

Submit a complaint to the U.S. Department of Education (DOE)

Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
5 Post Office Square
Eighth Floor
Boston, MA 02109-3921

The DOE and the OCR prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, and age. While OCR complaints should generally be filed within 180 days of the last date of alleged discrimination, OCR may extend this filing deadline in a variety of circumstances.

Additional Reporting Options for Faculty and Staff

File a Complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

John McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place
Sixth Floor, Room 601
Boston, MA 02108

Worcester City Hall
455 Main Street
Room 101
Worcester, MA 01608

The MCAD prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, age, criminal record (applications only), disability, retaliation, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, a transgender identity, genetics, and military personnel. Any employee in a work environment with six or more employees can file a complaint with the MCAD. The statute of limitations for filing a complaint is 300 days from the last date of discrimination.

File a Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

JFK Federal Building
475 Government Center
Boston, MA 02203

The EEOC prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, retaliation and national origin. The statute of limitations for filing a complaint is 300 days from the last date of discrimination.