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A Step-By-Step Guide for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are legally obligated to report any and all incidents of harassment, discrimination and bias, including sexual misconduct, assault, requests for accommodation or other forms of discrimination.

When a student or community member discloses to you, here are the steps you can and should take:

1. Show Care and Concern

  • Ensure that the student or community member is safe.
  • Provide non-judgmental support and thank them for trusting you enough to disclose this information.
  • Do not ask detailed questions - this could further traumatize them.
  • Do ask, "Can I get you to someone who is an expert in these issues?"

2. Connect to Resources

  • Review their options for Sexual Misconduct Reporting or Non-Discrimination Reporting.
  • Direct them to the new Reporting FAQ: What to Expect page on the OEO website.
  • Share counseling and support resources.
  • Let them know they do not have to begin an investigation just because they report this matter to OEO -  OEO will not take away their agency, but will work to support what they need.
  • Be sure the student/community member connects to at least one resource - offer to make a call to a resource with them present or offer to email a resource for them and copy them if you are concerned they may not follow through.

3. Contact the Title IX Coordinator

Jill Zellmer
Executive Director of OEO