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Types of Accommodations

Tufts University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students, staff, faculty and community members with regard to:

Request a Qualified Disability (ADA) Accommodation

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, require Tufts University to provide appropriate academic and employment accommodations to employees and students with disabilities unless doing so would create an undue hardship, compromise the health and safety of members of the University community, or fundamentally alter the nature of the university’s employment or academic program or mission.

To learn how to request a qualified disability accommodation and who to contact, check out the information below.

Appeals Process for Qualified Disabilities

Students, employees, patients, applicants, third parties and community members who are in disagreement with the outcome of their request for an accommodation(s) may address their concerns with the ADA/504 Officer, Katherine Vosker at 617-627-3298 or

Request a Religious Accommodation

Religious accommodation requests will be made on a case-by-case basis taking into account factors including but not limited to, the fundamental requirements of the applicable academic program and/or related technical standards, essential functions of an individual’s job, the duties of others in the department or job group, the requirements of the department or major, any impact of the accommodation, the duration of the accommodation request, and the availability of alternative accommodations.

To learn how to request a religious accommodation and who to contact, check out the information below.

Religious Observances

Students and employees who anticipate being absent from work or class because of a religious observance must submit their request for time off in advance and as soon as they become aware of the need or at least ten (10) business days in advance.

Request a Pregnancy-Related Accommodation

Tufts University is committed to supporting and meeting the needs of individuals experiencing pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions. Discrimination and harassment based on pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, including but not limited to childbirth, termination of pregnancy, or lactation will not be tolerated.  Tufts University will reasonably accommodate students, employees and prospective employees for pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, absent undue hardship for the University.

To request a pregnancy-related accommodation or ask questions about the Pregnancy in the Workplace Policy, you can contact the Accommodations Team at  You can also download the ADA Accommodations Form (PDF).  Additional information can be found in the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Request a Lactation Accommodation

Tufts University is committed to supporting and meeting the needs of nursing individuals returning to work, school, or visiting the campus. Any nursing individual who is a member of the Tufts community (faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors, third parties or community members) can use the designated lactation rooms. Faculty and staff are entitled to reasonable breaks to express breast milk as well as the sufficient time to get to the lactation room.

To request a lactation accommodation or ask questions about the Lactation Policy, you can contact the Accommodations Team at You can also learn more about Tufts Lactation Policy or the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms offer privacy for nursing individuals, and each room contains a comfortable chair, a table or desk, and sufficient electrical outlets near the chair.

Although refrigerators are not provided in each room, OEO can assist you in locating a refrigerator within your department or workstation to store the milk. You must provide your own pump, storage containers and proper labeling. You may also bring your own small cooler to store the breast milk.

Click on the link for more information about the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Lactation Room Locations

If you would like to reserve a designated lactation room, use the chart to locate a room near you and click on the blue "Reserve a Lactation Room" button below.

Campus Room Location Hours For onsite assistance, please contact:
Fenway - School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Room B205
230 The Fenway

Open during building hours Caleb Davis 617-627-0055
Boston - DLAM Room 604
75 Kneeland St.
Card Access Elizabeth Turner 617-636-5611
Boston – Dental DHS 418
1 Kneeland Street
Card Access Beth Conant 617-636-6842
Boston – Medical M&V 423
136 Harrison Avenue
Keypad Access Verna Manni 617-636-6663
Grafton Room G035-1802A
Large Animal Hospital
Open during building hours Lauren Golato 508-887-4430
Medford/Somerville Ballou Hall (1st floor) Open during building hours Renato Cuevo 617-627-1647
Medford/Somerville Fletcher School
Cabot Hall, Room 207
Open during building hours Kristin Sarkisian 617-627-3329
Medford/Somerville CLIC Building
574 Boston Avenue, Room 125
Open during building hours Aimee Coll 617-627-8813
Medford/Somerville UA/IT Operations
80 George Street, Room 353A
Open during building hours Lauren Holland 617-627-3014
Medford/Somerville Tisch Library
Room 104. Code to enter is 1004*
Open Library Hours  617-627-3345
Medford/Somerville Science & Engineering Complex - Room LL007 Open during building hours Marie Pugliese 617-627-8375
Medford/Somerville SciTech Building –
4 Colby St. Rm 278
Open during building hours Milva Ricci 617-627-2580
Lorin Polidora 617-627-1108
Medford/Somerville Room 1616 at 200 Boston Avenue. Code to enter is 6161* Open during building hours Reserve Online
Medford/Somerville Joyce Cummings Center 177 College Avenue Rooms 344B (3rd floor) and 544B (5th floor) Open during Bldg. Hours Marie Pugliese 617-627-8375

Additional helpful information about the lactation rooms can be found at Access Tufts - Lactation Rooms and Resources.

Request an Accommodation for an Immunization Exemption

Note: Massachusetts Law does not allow for philosophical exemptions, even if signed by a physician. Only religious and medical exemptions are acceptable. 

Accommodation for a Religious Exemption

religion iconIf you have a sincerely held religious or spiritual belief, practice, or observance that prevents you from receiving a vaccination, you may request an immunization exemption from the University’s vaccine requirements by contacting the OEO Accommodations Team at:

Accommodation for a Medical Exemption

For medical accommodations contact:

Questions about Accommodations?

If you have questions about any of the accommodations detailed above, please contact the OEO Accommodations Team at