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Reporting sexual misconduct can be difficult, and you may experience a range of emotions when considering whether or not to report the conduct. You may think it will be too much of a hassle to report or think that the conduct wasn’t serious enough to report. You may worry that you’ll experience retaliation if you file a report.

It’s important to know that just because you make a report, it doesn’t mean OEO is going to start an investigation. You have choices about what you want to do regarding your report. You will always receive support and resources regardless of what you choose. When in doubt, reach out!

Should I report? drawing

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Reporting Options

At Tufts, you have many options for reporting sexual misconduct. Any or all of these options are available to all Tufts community members and can be used simultaneously to address sexual misconduct regardless of whether a formal complaint is initiated.

Contact OEO Directly

You can contact us right here at the OEO, where we can provide information about your options for next steps - things like how or whether to choose an informal or a formal process. We can also connect you with support resources - things like housing changes, academic support, and counseling.

File a report via Ethicspoint

EthicsPoint is a third party secure web tool that allows you to anonymously or confidentially report sexual misconduct, discrimination or harassment.

When you report via Ethicspoint, OEO staff will use the Ethicspoint message function to anonymously communicate with you to offer support, answer questions, request or share information, and provide status updates. Just remember to keep the key code the system assigns to you after you submit so that you can check back on the progress of your report.

Talk to a OEO Liaison

OEO Liaisons are specially trained staff from different schools within Tufts University. All OEO liaisons are available to receive reports from students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors and other community members regarding any type of discrimination or harassment, including sexual misconduct. OEO Liaisons can also provide information regarding support, resources and disciplinary options within the University. OEO Liaisons direct the information they receive to OEO and the Title IX Coordinator at OEO.

Need Help Now?

For immediate assistance to attend to your physical and/or mental well-being, click on the button below.