In compliance with University policy and federal/state regulations, Tufts requires all university “agents” to participate in sexual harassment-prevention training. The Tufts Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is responsible for ensuring that the university fulfills this obligation.

Our customized programs provide employees with a confidential learning environment where valuable knowledge and insight can be gained through lecture, small group discussion, and activities. Also included is an additional component providing managers essential knowledge pertaining to employment and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) including the definition of disability, the types of disabilities covered, and specific procedures for requesting job accommodations at Tufts.

Managers are required to take a “refresher” course two years upon completion of initial OEO Compliance Training.

For any questions about training, to request training, or if you have suggestions or cancellations, call OEO at 617.627.3298 or e-mail,

To request training please using our Training Request Form