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Green Dot is a pro-active and reactive Bystander Intervention program that focuses on changing our campus culture and building skills for a safer community. Green Dot is a national program that Tufts has brought to campus through certified trainer, Alexandra Donovan, and hundreds of student volunteers.

Picture a map of Tufts campus and add a red dot for every incidence of sexual misconduct that has occurred. They are all around you. Now add a green dot for every action that prevented sexual misconduct by attending a training to be better informed or support survivors; every event that raised awareness, every time someone interrupted sexual misconduct behaviors. If we all take action as a green dot, it transforms our community entirely.

Tufts’ Green Dot Programming focuses on examining what in our culture allows sexual misconduct to exist on our campus and how to respond accordingly. It takes a very pro-active view of doing something every day to change our environment so perpetrators of sexual violence know this behavior is not welcome and violates our campus policy. Taking a strong stand by dedicating games, shows, events to Green Dot raises awareness but also gives our campus an active role in showing our support for survivors and our persistence & strength to make our campus safer. 

In addition, Tufts Green Dot focuses on increasing our individual ability to interrupt behaviors that create a dangerous and hostile environment for all. Tufts Green Dot trainings focus on the Tufts social culture and unpacks different observed behaviors that students could interrupt based on their safety, personality and comfort level. There are many different options and the trainings explore the options and choices available.