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Green Dot Ambassadors

The Green Dot Ambassadors are a group of student peer-leaders who have made a commitment to interrupt behaviors and ideas that create a dangerous and hostile environment for all.  They host events throughout the year that look at Tufts social culture and name observed behaviors that students could interrupt. The Ambassadors teach the community ways to intervene based on their safety, personality and comfort level to create a safer campus.

The Green Dot Approach

Think of a map of our campus and yourself in the middle of it. Red dots indicate sexual misconduct that happens on campus. This could be sexual harassment, sexist jokes, stalking, dating violence and/or sexual assault. There are more of us at Tufts that are not perpetrating sexual misconduct and are against this behavior. How do we make ourselves known on this map? By being green dots. A Green Dot is someone who has gone through a green dot training and knows the many ways they could interrupt sexual misconduct from happening on campus. It starts from creating a community and culture where this behavior is unacceptable.

Green Dot has two active approaches to preventing sexual misconduct:

Pro-Active Approach:

  • Being prepared to respond appropriately should someone disclose sexual misconduct; knowing our campus and off-campus resources; understanding how our reporting & adjudication process works; recognizing the difference between mandatory reporters and confidential resources.
  • Actively unpacking and changing our community norms, societal structures and social traditions that give permission for sexual misconduct to occur.
  • Being a visible supporter by wearing/displaying green dot gear to symbolize a willingness to help and a commitment to actively prevent sexual misconduct

Reactive Approach:

  • Recognizing sexual misconduct and evaluating all the options of interrupting the behaviors and committing to do something or get help

Recently students described what green dot means to them: My green dot

Emma Seymour

Green Dot Coordinator '21
She series
Fun Fact: If you ever want to sing, dance, or obsess over the musical Dear Evan Hansen...find me I know every lyric to every song 🙂

Nina Benites

Green Dot Coordinator '21
She series
Fun Fact: I had a consistent case of the hiccups (I hiccuped once an hour, nearly every hour) for about four years! And, though I am asthmatic, I love to run, hike and climb.

Tufts Sex Health Reps

The Sex Health Reps (SHRs) are a group of student peer-leaders dedicated to bringing sex positive sex and consent education to the Tufts community. The SHRs come from a diverse background and represent a wide expanse of student groups from the Africana and LGBT Centers to Greek life and Theater. They plan programs, bring in speakers, answer questions, and make videos throughout the year all about sex health and education.

Aram Lee

Sex Health Coordinator '20
She series
Fun Fact: I love empowering bodies through choreographing burlesque!

Elena Phethean

Sex Health Coordinator '20
She series
Fun Fact: I'm bad at coming up with fun facts