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We Are Here to Help

Tufts University is committed to providing a campus environment free of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. The university takes all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and is committed to providing information, resources and clear direction to members of the Tufts community so that, together, we can help prevent and address this conduct. The university will always respond to allegations of sexual misconduct by taking aggressive measures to stop it, prevent its recurrence and address any lingering effects it has on our community. Sexual misconduct is never acceptable and will not be tolerated. In the fall of 2013, President Anthony P. Monaco convened, and chairs, a Sexual Misconduct Prevention Task Force to address this serious issue. The Task Force, comprised of students, faculty and staff from all campuses, has issued a progress report for 2013-2014.


Tufts provides many resources to assist and support victims/survivors of sexual misconduct that you will find throughout this site. We encourage those who wish to receive confidential support services regarding sexual misconduct to seek assistance from the following resources:

Tufts also empowers victims/survivors to know they have options to address this conduct through our disciplinary process and/or through the legal system. The university affirms the right of victims/survivors to decide whether they wish to be involved in any process to address sexual misconduct. The university will take action should the conduct pose a threat to campus safety.

You will see that all pages on this site include an Exit Quickly button located in the top right corner of each page if you do not want your use of the website observed by others.

We are here to help.

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What are rape and sexual assault?
What is stalking?
What is intimate partner violence?
How can I tell if it happened to me?
What to do if the assault just happened.

Please Give Us Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback as we continue to develop a website that consolidates resources, policies, procedures and training for faculty, staff and students on all three Tufts campuses. If you have any suggestions for improving this site to meet the needs of our community, please contact Jill Zellmer, OEO Director and Title IX Coordinator, at jill.zellmer@tufts.edu or 617-627-3298. You can also submit feedback online or anonymously through Ethicspoint.

Exit Site

Sexual Assault Resources

Tufts University Police (TUPD)
617-627-6911 x6911
508-839-5303 x6911

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)
24-hour free hotline

Pathways for Change (GRAFTON)
24-hour free hotline

Tufts Counseling & Mental Health Service
617-627-3360 (CONFIDENTIAL)
After hours call TUPD for counselor on-call

Sexual Assault Resources
Tufts Health Service
617-627-3350 (CONFIDENTIAL)

Student Advisory and Health Administration Office
508-839-5302, EXT. 84263

University Chaplaincy
617-627-3427 (CONFIDENTIAL)