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Please excuse our appearance. Our website is currently under construction.

To report misconduct via an online form, please visit: https://tuftsuniversity.ethicspointvp.com/custom/tuftsuniversity/oeo/form_data.asp

Alexandra Donovan

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Alexandra Donovan is the new Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist. Alexandra’s role is to work with students, faculty and staff on prevention, training and awareness activities on the Medford/Somerville, Boston and Grafton campuses. Her goal is to promote healthy communication and relationship skills as well as healthy sexuality. Working with a diverse group of students, Alexandra will be launching a campus-wide bystander intervention program focusing on tasks we all can do to reduce sexual violence.

Like all staff, faculty and student employees at Tufts who are not in a confidentially privileged role, Alexandra is a mandated reporter, someone required by federal law to report disclosures of sexual misconduct to the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Nandi Bynoe

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Nandi Bynoe is the new Sexual Misconduct Resource Specialist. In this role, Nandi has policy-based confidentiality in supporting students affected by sexual misconduct on the Medford/Somerville, Boston and Grafton campuses. This level of confidentiality means that students who have concerns related to issues of sexual assault or misconduct can seek measures of institutional support without necessarily having their name or any identifying characteristics shared with the Office of Equal Opportunity unless the student gives permission to do so. Nandi will provide support and information for all Tufts students seeking to understand their options and resources within and beyond the Tufts campuses. She is also responsible for coordinating interim measures such as housing and academic measures to support students who have been affected by sexual misconduct.