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Mission Statement

Tufts Sex Health is an essential component to sexual assault prevention. By creating a comprehensive sex education curriculum, we focus on the key skills of gaining consent, respecting boundaries and healthy communication. We seek to foster a culture that creates space for healthy sexuality, sex positivity and disclosures of sexual violence.
Tufts’ sex positivity focuses on a student’s right to have agency of their own sexuality; to feel comfortable in their own body; and, to accept and learn about other sexualities. Sex positivity is grounded in inclusive, comprehensive sex education focusing on empowerment and eliminating gender roles. Our goal is to have students make decisions about their sexual activity based on consent, pleasure and the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects involved with intimacy. We strive to create a sex positive environment where we value consent and options, where everyone is comfortable asking questions, getting medical services or reporting sexual misconduct.

Tufts University Health Services provides a full range of sexual and reproductive health services including those listed below.