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No-Contact Order or Stay-away Requests

Both the complainant and respondent are eligible for stay-away requests and no-contact orders.

The university can issue Stay-Away Requests to address concerns regarding harassment, stalking, bullying and other unwanted attention. Stay-Away Requests can be issued even if you are unsure about pursuing disciplinary action. In cases where a disciplinary complaint alleging sexual misconduct has been initiated, an on-campus No- Contact Order will be issued, which prohibiting contact between the parties. Violations of a Stay-Away Request or a No-Contact Order will result in disciplinary action.

  • No Contact Orders are issued when an investigation begins and/or when Office of Equal Opportunity and/or the appropriate Dean believes there is a need for this interim measure.
  • Student wishing to enact a Stay Away Request or No Contact Order should contact their Dean’s office or Title IX Liaison.
  • On the Medford/Somerville Campus (AS&E), this is the role of the Dean’s office, specifically Mickey Toogood, Judicial Affairs Administrator. For more information, the Student Judicial Process  has information under the Interim Measures section .
  • For all other schools, including Boston and Grafton, this is the role of the Title IX Liaisons.
  • If it is necessary, the Title IX Liaison in the other schools or Mickey Toogood in AS&E may also sit with each party and map out their classes, how they get to and from class, what time they eat in the cafeteria, etc., and organize a plan for each party to minimize the likelihood of a surprise run-in.

**It is important to note that specific details of these accommodations will be based on the individual’s situation and concerns.**